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Established 1979

Canine Nosework

Dogs are born with a nose for odors.  They love to search and locate animals, objects, individuals and other fun smelly stuff by using their nose.  Depending on the breed of dog, its sense of smell is estimated to be between 1,000 and 10,000,000 times more sensitive than a human’s.  Wow!

Mankind has been utilizing the dog’s amazing scenting abilities in countless ways for centuries.  Most are familiar with the ability of a dog to use its nose to track a person’s movement over ground or through water.  Hunting dogs are used to track and locate prey, while cadaver dogs specialize in locating the remains of deceased individuals.  Dogs have been trained to locate oil and gas leaks for utility companies, while mineral corporations have also used dogs to locate zinc, lead and copper underground.  Exterminator companies utilize dogs to locate all sorts of critters from rats in a barn to termites and bed bugs.  Dogs are used by customs officials to discover fruit located in travelers’ bags and law enforcement uses the dog to detect narcotics.  Explosive detection dogs are employed by the military, police and private security companies.  The dog's heightened sense of smell is even being used to detect a growth of cancerous cells or an oncoming seizure, as well as signal low or high blood sugar levels.

Nosework sports showcasing the dog's amazing sense of smell and their natural desire to hunt have recently been developed.  The United Kennel Club expanded our UKC Dog Events licensing to include UKC Nosework as of May 2014, with official written notification made on August 1, 2014.  Our CCDSA membership includes 5 Nosework judges licensed by the United Kennel Club (3 Certifying Officials and 2 Hide Officials).

To earn the UKC Elite Nosework title, a dog and handler pass a pre-test for each of the 5 scents (birch, anise, clove, myrrh and vetiver), then must earn 2 legs in 4 separate elements (container, interior, exterior and vehicle) in EACH of the 5 scents.  The higher the level, the greater the number of hides which must be found (1-4 odor hides) and multiple distractions (1-3 distractions of food or toys) must be ignored.  This requires a minimum of 45 shows to earn 30 title certificates as follows:


PTN-Pre-trial Novice

NC-Novice Container

NI-Novice Interior

NE-Novice Exterior

NV-Novice Vehicle

NN-Novice Nosework (PTN,NC,NI,NE,NV)

PTA-Pre-trial Advanced

AC-Advanced Container

AI-Advanced Interior

AE-Advanced Exterior

AV-Advanced Vehicle

AN-Advanced Nosework (PTA,AC,AI,AE,AV)

PTS-Pre-trial Superior

SC-Superior Container

SI-Superior Interior

SE-Superior Exterior

SV-Superior Vehicle

SN-Superior Nosework (PTS,SC,SI,SE,SV)

PTM-Pre-trial Master

MC-Master Container

MI-Master Interior

ME-Master Exterior

MV-Master Vehicle

MN-Master Nosework (PTM,MC,MI,ME,MV)

PTE-Pre-trial Elite

EN-Elite Container

EI-Elite Interior

EE-Elite Exterior

EV-Elite Vehicle

EN-Elite Nosework (PTE,EC,EI,EE,EV)


In addition, the UKC offers 3 levels of handler discrimination nosework titles (NHD-Novice Handler Discrimination, AHD-Advanced Handler Discrimination, EHD-Excellent Handler Discrimination) which requires the dog to find an article containing the owner/handler’s scent in 3 separate trials at each difficulty level.

Our Capital City Dog Sport Association members enjoy participating in UKC nosework a great deal. Since the sport was created in 2014, our members have amassed over 750 nosework titles!  We are proud to highlight the following members who have earned the ELITE NOSEWORK title with their dogs.
1.  Karen Wroblewski & Dutch Shepherd “Harris” (Multi-HIT URO1 RATO EN CA Cher Car’s One Percent Chance) – earned May 20, 2017


2.  Maude Tank & Dutch Shepherd “Lace” (NBOB NCH BIS BISS RBIS ABIS(8x) ARBIS EHD EN UAGI UUF GSJCH  UNJCH URO1 CA GRCH Cher Car’s Gunpowder N Lace SPOT-ON) – earned May 20, 2017

3. Glenna Logan & Belgian Groenendael “Will” (MULTI-UHIT NHD EN CA UWPS PD1 UWPCHX P1 Bayeux du Champ Boulet CGC HIC TDI TT FCT T1 JMD BH Btr TD SPOT-ON FDC) – earned October 15, 2017

4. Paul Hebeler & German Shepherd “Cutter”  (Multi-HIT NHD EN UNJ UAGI CHER CAR’S CUT TO THE CHASE CSAU CGC TDI) – earned March 3, 2018
5.  Karen Wroblewski and Belgian Malinois “Kuba” (Multi-HIT EN RATN Cooper Betkin Dvor) - earned September 16, 2018
6.  Maude Tank & Dutch Shepherd “Sir” (NCH NRCH BIS(5x) RBIS USF USJCH EN GRCH Cher Car’s Sir Prize v Alpha) - earned December 8, 2018
7.  Paul Hebeler & German Shepherd “Apollo” (URO1 EN NHD UNJ CH Cher Car’s Fly Me to the Moon)– earned May 18, 2019
Upcoming Nosework Trials
2 UKC Nosework Trials
 St. Johns, Michigan (Indoors/Outdoors) 

Saturday, Oct 12 & Sunday, Oct 13, 2019 
ONE Trial per day each offering 2 elements

Sat Trials 1 & 2: Pre-Trial (N-E), Exterior (N-E), Vehicle (N-E)
Sun Trials 1 & 2: Pre-Trial (N-E), Exterior (N-E), Vehicle (N-E)
Certifying Official:  Deb Hebeler (Sat: Vehicle, Sun: Exterior)
Certifying Official:  Paul Hebeler (Sat: Exterior, Sun: Vehicle)
Backup Judge:  Cheryl Carlson (Pre-Trial N-E)

Individual Element $20 per Trial

Pre-Trial $15 each Scent

Show special: $75 for 1 dog in 2 elements both days (must be same dog)


Pre-Entries ONLY; NO Day of Show entries.
Please mail pre-entry so it is received no later than Oct 5, 2019
Check-In from 8:30-9:00am.  Trial start time 9:00 am.

Trial Site: Cher Car Kennels - 4215 S Lowell - St. Johns, Michigan 48879
From east or west: I96 to Grand River - exit east to first light at Frances Rd - turn left (north) for 13 miles to Centerline Rd - turn right (east) 1.7 miles to S. Lowell Road - turn left (north).   Kennel is 0.7 miles north on right.

From north or south: US 127 north to Price Rd - exit west for 6.6 miles to S. Lowell Rd - turn right (north).  Kennel is 1.6 miles north on right.


Mail entries to: 

CCDSA Trial Secretary - Delaney Johnson - 7566 N Krepps Road - Elsie, MI 48831 


Please email our Trial Secretary at or (517) 749-9865

Previous Nosework Trials
2019 Nosework Trials
2018 Nosework Trials
2017 Nosework Trials
2016 Nosework Trials
2015 Nosework Trials
Capital City Dog Sport Association hosted 4 UKC Nosework trials over the weekend of May 16 & May 17, 2015 at Cher Car Kennels in St. Johns, Michigan.  Our trials were FULL trials, meaning all 4 elements (containers, interiors, exteriors and vehicles) were offered on the same day. 

Saturday's trial was at the Novice level (birch), and we had 18 dogs entered in Show 1 and 19 dogs in Show 2.  Sunday's trial was a the Advanced level (anise) and there were 12 dogs entered in trial 1 and 6 dogs in Show 2.

Everyone had a wonderfully "good smelling" time!  Below are some pictures of our competitors.
2014 Nosework Trials
Capital City Dog Sport Association hosted four United Nosework Association trials on Saturday, May 31 and Sunday, June 1, 2014 at Cher Car Kennels in St. Johns, Michigan.  We had a total of 48 dogs entered, with 34 attempting and earning their PT1.  Saturday’s 2 trials saw 32 dogs earn 24 Novice Container titles, and Sunday’s 2 trials had 31 dogs earn 22 Novice Interior titles.   

Our competitors were a wonderful mix of dog breeds; with 11 Dutch Shepherds, 7 German Shepherds, 4 Belgian Shepherds, 4 American Mixed Breeds, 2 American Pit Bull Terriers, 2 Australian Shepherds, 2 Bernese Mountain Dogs, 2 Labrador Retrievers, 2 Rat Terriers, 2 White German Shepherds, 1 Australian Cattle Dog, 1 Alaskan Malamute, 1 Border Collie, 1 Brittany Spaniel, 1 Cane Corso Italiano, 1 Colored Bull Terrier, 1 English Shepherd, 1 Flat Coated Retriever, 1 Newfoundland and 1 Wirehaired Visla.  

Many thanks to all the wonderful competitors who joined us over the weekend; our CCDSA members enjoyed hosting and trialing with you all and we look forward to doing it again in 2015!
Saturday, May 31, 2014 Trial 1 & Trial 2 Competitors
High-In-Trial for both Trial 1 & 2 on Saturday, May 31st was Brittany Spaniel "True's Sam I Am" owner/handled by Mercedes True and pictured with Judge Cheryl Carlson (on left) and Judge Linda Ringle (on right).
Sunday, June 1, 2014 Trial 1 & Trial 2 Competitors
High-In-Trial on Sunday, June 1, 2014 Trial 1 was Dutch Shepherd "Cher Car's Django Unchained" owner/handled by Kristen Vaccariello (on left with Judge Linda Ringle). High-In-Trial for Trial 2 was German Shepherd "Cher Car's Cut To The Chase" owner/handled by Paul Hebeler (on right with Judge Cheryl Carlson).