Working Dog Competition Training Club
Established 1979
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Capital City Dog Sport Association of St. Johns, Michigan is one of the oldest, well respected and most versatile competition dog training clubs in the country; whose purpose is to promote working dog sport activities in the United States and to encourage sportsmanlike competition at working dog trials and tests.

This licensed United Kennel Club Dog Events (MI-115 DS,DR,NW), French Ring (NARA) and Schutzhund/IPO (LV/DVG America IPO - DVG #11-1-73) club has been offering competition level protection dog training since 1979 and is unparalleled by any other club in the United States for depth of experience in organized dog sport (French Ring, Campagne, UKC Dog Sport, IPO (formerly known as Schutzhund), PPDA, NAPD, K9PS and UKC Nosework).

Capital City Dog Sport Association, Inc.

4215 S. Lowell Road - St. Johns, MI.  48879

Phone (989) 224-7225 or email for more information. Registered & Protected
2017 Events

One trial EACH day on Saturday, May 20 & Sunday, May 21, 2017 offering 3 ELEMENTS EACH DAY (Interior, Exterior and Vehicles). To learn more, click here.

Personal Protection Dog Tournament on August 19 & August 20, 2017.  The DOG SPORTS OPEN is a unique biting sports dog show which features agility, obedience and personal protection exercises.  To learn more, click here.
One trial EACH day on Saturday, Oct 14 & Sunday, Oct, 15, 2017 offering 3 ELEMENTS EACH DAY (Interior, Exterior and Vehicles).  To learn more, click here.